Turner Johnson - Art Direction


I’m hands-on Art Director/Designer with over 14 years experience in the creative field as a Designer and Photographer. I live and play where design, communication and technology meet. I have the unique ability to bridge the gap between creative wants and business needs.

I believe that in today's multimedia industry creatives need a variety of skills. A world that demands the “Jack of all trades.” My work is guided by ambitious design thinking and grounded in the particular needs of each client I work with. I consider each new client an opportunity to expand my breadth of experience and broaden an event expanding wide-range of work.

My proven capabilities include:

Brand Identity, Presentations, Interactive Branding, Responsive Web + Mobile, Collateral Design, Advertising, Broadcast, Photography, Social Media, Custom Content, and Packaging.

…and, my experience encompasses a broad-range of equally multifaceted categories, most notably in Beauty/Fashion, Technology, Online media, Independent Artists, Architecture, Film/Entertainment, Healthcare, and Banking/Financial.

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